2015 Policy May Make It Easy to Purchase Solar in Virginia

New Policy Makes Going Solar Easy for Virginia Homeowners

Congress Solar Incentives Still in Effect in 2020


Since 2005, the Energy Policy Act was passed which a year later enacted the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) to enable further investment in and installation of solar energy. At first the tax credit was meant to deduct 30 percent from the cost of purchasing residential and commercial solar energy systems, at a time when the residential beneficiary was, at first, limited to a $2,000 cap.

No one could anticipate how successful the program would turn out to be, but it provided the perfect marketplace climate for businesses and investors, creating hundreds of thousands of jobs and pumping billions of dollars in America’s economy.

This resulted with congress applying a multi-year extension of the program in 2015 that’s scheduled to expire by end of 2021.

Most companies nowadays offer estimates on how much a solar system would cost you, all you have to do is give your Zipcode; name your Utility Provider; ballpark your Average Utility Bill; mention how much shading could be blocking your home from sunlight, and we will match you with the best Solar contractor in your area.

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How Does it Work?

With the exception of special leasing options that are available in Virginia which you can take advantage of under Section 48 of the commercial Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC) program, homeowners stand to benefit from the residential Section 25D of the ITC until 2021. By the time 2022 rolls around, the rebate will drop from 22 percent to zero, so act now by completing this form

The federal solar tax credit allows you to deduct 26 percent of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes. The ITC applies to both residential and commercial systems, and there is no cap on its value. Solar panels are much cheaper today than they were ten years ago, which means millions of homeowners that could not previously afford to do so are switching to solar. Homeowners that qualify for this new program no longer have to pay upfront.

You can find out which solar incentives are offered in your area by using your zip code .

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